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Larkfleet team presents Solar Steam in India

18th February 2018

The senior engineering team from Larkfleet Solar Steam recently visited India to talk to government officials and academics about the enormous potential of Larkfleet's solar thermal energy generating technology.

Solar Steam on show at Rushlight environmental conference

5th February 2018

Two engineers from Larkfleet Solar Steam have been promoting Larkfleet's innovative sustainable energy technology at a prestigious industry conference.

Lark Energy knowledge transfer partnership receives highest recognition

13th June 2017

The Larkfleet Group of Companies, has received the highest recognition for its participation in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Cranfield University.

Larkfleet wins funding for Mexican Solar Steam demo project

21st March 2017

The Larkfleet Group of Companies has secured funding to test its revolutionary renewable solar thermal system in Mexico.

Grant success for Lark Energy Indian Solar Steam project

28th November 2016

Larkfleet has won funding from a UK government-sponsored competition to build a mobile version of its solar thermal system.

Larkfleet Solar Steam research collaboration generates interest

30th September 2016

Larkfleet is to be the subject of a research paper being written by leading academics.

Larkfleet currying favour for Indian Solar Steam project

31st August 2016

Larkfleet has entered a UK government-sponsored competition for funding to build a mobile version of its solar thermal system to deliver renewable heat and power in rural India.

Larkfleet hot for Mexican Solar Steam demonstration project

5th August 2016

Larkfleet, part of The Larkfleet Group of Companies, has applied for funding to test its revolutionary renewable solar thermal system in Mexico.

Larkfleet Solar Steam patent creates renewable power investment opportunities

19th July 2016

The Larkfleet Group of Companies, has been granted a UK patent for a revolutionary renewable solar thermal system...

Solar steam project wins an innovation award

30th October 2015

Larkfleet Group's pioneering "solar steam" project has won an "Innovation development of the Year" award...

Larkfleet hopes innovative 'solar steam' device will cut cost of renewables

5th August 2015

Housing developer Larkfleet Group has started testing its pioneering "solar steam" device, in what it hopes will mark a major breakthrough for the solar technology sector...

They do it with lenses

30th January 2015

A ground-breaking experimental solar power system with the potential to generate carbon-free electricity is being pioneered in South Lincolnshire...

Concentrated solar scheme debuts in Lincolnshire

17th December 2013

Concentrated solar power technologies that are capable of magnifying the sun's rays to create steam...

Larkfleet installs solar steam rig

16th December 2013

Larkfleet Group is aiming to help tackle global warming and generate 'carbon-free' electricity...

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